Kells Above R Xpectations - Updated 1/2019
  Kells Once In A Blue Moon - SALE PENDING
  Spring Hills K C L - Retired/Reference Sire
  RC Black Tie Affair - Reference Sire

  Do More Diamond Dream - Added 10/2016
  Kells Elegance To Xcess - SOLD 3/2017
  Kells Graceful Xpression - Added 10/2016
  Kells Maija Blessed Event
  Kells Midnight Serenade
  Kells Ms Mollie - Added 10/2016
  Kells Xquisite Jewel - SOLD 3/2017

  Kells Above R Xpectations
      x   Kells Onyx Pearl - May '17

  Kells Ruby McBride Flynn
  Kells Magic Karess
  Kells Night at the Rox
  Kells Onyx Pearl

  Kells Full Moon Rising - SOLD 12/2016
  Kells Opportunity Knox - SOLD 12/2016
  Bird Flirt GD - Sold Fall 2016
  Kells Destined to Xcel - Added 2/2016
  Kells Xtra Kandi Kisses - Added 2/2016
  Kells Solid Oak
  Kells Lonesome Dove
  Kells Xtreme High Regard
  Kells High Jinx Finnegan
  Blue Knolls Delphia
  Kells Lady Antebellum
  SC Island King
  Kells Tough Luck
  Kells Xtra Kash
  Kells Standing Ovation
  KS Bluestem Buffalo Gal
  Kells Lady Josalyn
  Ensigns Abyssinia
  Kells Beloved Briana
  Kells Accent On Xcellence
  Kells Royal Gala
  Kells Abyssinia
  Kells Time To Rock
  Kells Pearls Of Wisdom
  Kells Ain't She Special
  Kells Easter Razzmataz
  Kells Hallelujah Morn
  Kells Pretty Charmin
  Kells Black Tuxedo
  Kells Commander In Chief
  Kells Elegance In Ebony
  Kells Full Monty
  Kells Golden Bow
  Kells High Calibur
  Kells In Kirby's Honor
  Kells June Jasmine
  Kells Justa Dandy
  Kells Kerry Eire
  Kells Memorial Day Casanova
  Kells Prima Donna
  Kells Touch of Ebony
  Kells Truly Indescribable
  Kells Sport Model
  Maxey's Carolus Rex
  RG Black Misty Mariah
  Kells RX For Success
  Kells Captivating Camille
  Kells Madison Avenue
  Kells See Me Comin'
  Kells Pretty Xceptional

  Pittridge Shonda - Added 3/2017
  Kells Magic In The Heir - Added 10/2016
  Kells Moonlight Serenade - Added 2/2016
  RC Black Tie Affair
  Coal Creek Justice
  Linwoods Magic Touch
  Coal Creek Onyx

Welcome to the Flower Valley Morgan Farm website. We are the proud producers of "Kells" Morgans - 100%/High Percentage Foundation Morgans - and have been breeding for family pleasure for over 25 years. Our horses are also bred to excel in driving, "sport" disciplines, and western pleasure. You'll find our horses to be a pleasure to own, train and use. Disposition is of utmost importance, along with good Morgan type and correct conformation. We usually have a few nice young Morgans for sale, so check out our sales listings. Proud members of the Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club, American Morgan Horse Association, Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club & North Central Morgan Association.

Cindy & Leon - Jul 31, 2018
This site is in the works of being updated. Our 2018 foals will be added -- Solid Black Filly Zoey (Kells Above R Xpectations x Kells Ruby McBride Flynn); Black filly (Bar Ys BH Debut x Kells Maija Blessed Event); and Gemma - Kells Xotic Gem (Kells Above R Xpectations x Kells Onyx Pearl). Zoey and Gemma are available for purchase.

Kells Ruby McBride Flynn is in foal to Kells Above R Xpectations and moved to NC in January. She is owned by Kaitlin Harrington.
Black Yearling Filly, Kells Joyous Xclamation, will be moving to PA in the near future.

We look forward to June 2019 foals: Kells Above R Xpectations x Do More Diamond Dream, and Kells Above R Xpectations x Kells Magic Karess. These foals will be available for purchase. Dustin & Brandie Gean from IA brought their lovely mare, Cotton GD, to be bred to Kells Above R Xpectations and Cotton should be foaling in May. Really excited to see this cross.

Please check back for updates with pictures. We do have a Facebook farm page, so please "like" Flower Valley Morgan Farm for the most current information.

More User Friendly Website Coming -- April 2018
Cindy & Leon - Apr 05, 2018
Our webmaster (youngest son, Adam) is working on an improved update to our website to make it more portable device user friendly. It will have a completely new look. Anyway, we are wondering if Spring will ever arrive since we recently had 8 inches of snow. Glad our foals don't start arriving until May. Kells Ruby McBride Flynn is due May 11th, Kells Maija Blessed Event and Do More Diamond Dream are due in early June, with Kells Onyx Pearl due early July. Once the foals arrive, I will be offering foals and mares available for sale. If you have an interest in any of our mares, please contact us. Our stallion will also be offered for sale after this breeding season. We are close to retirement and continue to downsize our herd. Happy Spring!

Christmas Greeting and Happy New Year 2018!
Cindy & Leon - Dec 26, 2017
I hope you enjoyed many Holiday Blessings and Joy, and wish for 2018 to be a wonderful year for all our website viewers. Thanks for checking us out.

We are excited that we will welcome 4 foals in May, June and July of 2018. It has been quite a few years since we had that many, but the market has been good and our Morgans have found wonderful homes. There is a shortage of good 100% Foundation and High Percentage Foundation Morgans available - we hope to add a few to those #s. Most of our expected foals will be available for sale. At this point, we have no Morgans on our sales list, but if you admire any of our broodmares, they might be available once foals have arrived. We will retain some young stock and sell some of our mares.

I'm hoping our son (our webmaster) will soon find time to update our website with pics of our 2017 filly, Kells Joyous Xclamation, who we are retaining at this time. Actually our son is revamping our website completely to make it even more user friendly. Check back in February and hopefully it will be up and running.

Summer Is Almost Here! June 2017
Cindy & Leon - Jun 01, 2017
I'm slow in updating this page. Since my last update, Kells Elegance In Xcess, 2016 filly moved to Iowa and is now owed by Brandie and Dustin Gean. Kells Once In a Blue Moon, 2016 colt, moved to West Virginia, owned by Eli and Martha Mast. He will be a future breeding prospect for them. Eli had just about given up on finding a 100% Foundation colt he could afford and liked. These horses have settled in well in their new homes.

On 5/05/17, Kells Onyx Pearl delivered a lovely black filly (pictures to come soon) with a big star just like mom's. We plan to name this cutie Kells Joyous Xclamation. Joy is being retained, though I've had two people already that wanted to buy her. Pearl is a little older and I worry that I might not get another filly out of her. Pearl will be bred back for 2018. We are also planning to breed Kells Ruby McBride Flynn (who is home after being leased for a couple years) and Do More Diamond Dream to our Jake. Kells Maija Blessed Event will be sent to an outside stallion since she is too closely related to Jake.

I have few horses available for purchase, but do look at our sales list. A yearling filly, Kells Graceful Xpression is still available.

Our spring has been quite wet and we are hoping for a dry stretch of weather soon to get our 1st crop of hay up. Hope the weather is great where you are at and you are enjoying your horses. Cindy

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