Kells Above R Xpectations - For Sale
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  Pittridge Shonda - Added 3/2017
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  Kells Moonlight Serenade - Added 2/2016
  RC Black Tie Affair
  Coal Creek Justice
  Linwoods Magic Touch
  Coal Creek Onyx

Kells High Jinx Finnegan
(Kells Above R Xpectations x Kells Ruby McBride Flynn) - Pedigree
2012 Solid Black Gelding

Owned by Kari Hoyer, WI.

February 2013 Update:
Just wanted to shoot you a quick update on Finny. We have been doing lots of little training bits in the barn this winter: getting used to clippers, cross tying, sacking out with lead rope, saddle pad, surcingle, feed bags, and any other objects we find. He has learned to tip his head for haltering and lower it for taking the halter off. He does not bolt off when the halter comes off. He has developed a light feel with the lead rope: leading, lateral flexion, and even a little vertical flexion. He has learned to follow the pull of the lead rope, no matter what side I am on, and rarely do I need to "pull", I just have to pick up on the rope. He even showed a little neck reining by moving away from the rope on his neck! I thought it was a fluke, but it was repeatable! With 20 minutes of work yesterday and today he has learned to self-load into the trailer. Today he offered to go in without being asked and he quietly stands in there and munches hay. This is with the divider in. He backs out quietly on a "Come back" command and a light pickup of the lead rope. I do not go in the trailer with him, he walks in and I let the rope slide through my hand, he has figured out that a pull on the rope doesn't mean turn around (which he has never done!), he backs up with it. He is quiet and polite and leads far better than some horses I know. He just follows the "feel". I can't tell you how in love with this colt I am! He truly is a gem. My heart melts when he calls for me :).